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We have the skills, resources and trusted contractors to Safely

and cost effectively take on any size job in Orange County New York.

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Tree Removal Services


Many trees can be saved through proper pruning and maintenance, but there are circumstances when removal is necessary. Hickory Tree and A&J Tree Services can help you decide when or if your tree should be removed.


Tree removals are performed to remove dead or dying trees, or when they are considered a hazard. Sometimes trees are removed because of crowding, lack of space, damage to adjacent structures, or because they are located in an area, where new construction requires removal.

Damage may have been caused from pests penetrating and burrowing into the trunk of the tree. This may cause the roots of the tree to become damaged (rot)and nobody would have known.A tree can also starve itself due to lack of nutrients or sunlight.


Our goal in all of our tree service operations is to perform the job safely, efficiently, and provide thorough clean up with minimal impact to your property. Contact our trained specialist to receive honest, expert advice and get the attention the tree needs to thrive without removing it from the property. Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals, which are trained in the techniques of climbing and rigging, all with or without the use of a bucket truck or crane.

Customer service is very important to us. Let us know if there are any problems with your service and we will make sure the work is performed satisfactorily with the original estimate and work agreement. 


Hickory and A &J Tree Services LLC will provide all aspects of tree care in Orange County and the surrounding areas at an affordable rate. Contact us Today


Cabling and Bracing: to protect your trees from future spring and summer storms, we may recommend this service;this helps reduce strain and stress that may be caused by high winds or even lightening.Often times a tree may grow, that is unsafe or in a manner where it cannot support itself. It can possibly cause damage to itself, your property or even the neighbor’s property.The purpose of cabling is to prevent the tree or its branches from splitting and causing damage to any of the surrounding properties.


Tree, Shrub & Hedge Pruning:

Pruning a tree is selectively removing branches to improve the trees structure and allow for new healthy growth. When a tree grows without restrictions or limitations, this affects the posture of the tree. This could mean a potential danger to you or your neighbor’s property and belongings. Hickory Tree and A & J provides expert pruning that will improve the structure, health and appearance of your trees, shrubs and hedges. This will increase their life span and prevents damage through the removal of undesirable branches.

Regardless if they are dead, weakened, diseased or insect-infested. Once the trees are manicured, you are setting a foundation for your landscaping to grow healthier and stronger.  There are many reasons to prune a mature tree. Hickory and A &J’s certified arborist will assess your tree’s age, condition, structure, and location and will prepare a pruning plan to meet your objectives.

Proper tree pruning promotes good branch structure, improves health through the removal of dead, diseased, stubbed, and dying branches, and reduces potential hazards. Ask us today about our pruning techniques: Thinning, Cleaning, Reduction and Structural.


Proper pruning will protect your trees from unsafe branches that were damages from our winter weather.

  • will not leave branch stubs

  • will make few or no heading cuts

  • will not cut off the branch collar (not make a flush cut)

  • will not top or lion’s tail trees

  • will not remove more than 25% of the foliage of a single branch

  • will not remove more than 25% of the total tree foliage in a single year

  • will not damage other parts of the tree during pruning

  • will not use wound paint (an attempt to seal up the pruned areas).


Hickory and A& J Tree Services offers a full range of tree care, tree removal, tree pruning, bucket and crane services, stump grinding along with 24 / 7 emergency storm damage services to the following locations and beyond Sullivan County New York, Orange County New York, Middletown, Walkill, Mount Hope, Otisville, New Jersey, Blooming Grove, Chester, Cornwall-on-Hudson, Cornwall, Crawford, Deerpark, Florida, Goshen, Greenville, Greenwood Lake, Hamptonburgh, Harriman, Highland Falls, Highlands, Kiryas Joel, Maybrook, Middletown, Minisink, Monroe, Montgomery, Mount Hope, Newburgh, New Windsor, Otisville, Port Jervis, South Blooming Grove, Tuxedo Park, Tuxedo, Unionville, Walden, Wallkill, Warwick, Washingtonville, Wawayanda, Woodbury

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